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Our History

While our history has shaped who we are, and is the legacy on which we stand within the community, it’s important for you to know just one thing: we are professionals, yet we have heart. We extend an invitation to you to come into our firm, and meet us face-to-face; we know then that you’ll agree.


In 1936, Joseph and Marie Rush established the J. J. Rush Funeral Home on the corner of Broadway and Fancher Streets. The body would lie in state in the parlor, or living room, of the Rush home.


In the late 1950's the first addition was built along Fancher Street allowing for a more formal chapel space. Areas of the home were still used for business.


The last addition the Rush family completed was in the late 1960's. They created a second, larger chapel area which would now accommodate multiple services at once.


Charles and Nancy Lux purchased the business from the Rush family in 1975 and renamed it Lux-Rush Funeral Home. Charles had worked for several funeral homes in the Detroit area before the purchase, bringing extensive experience with him. Nancy was deeply involved in the business while continuing to raise their seven children.


In the early 1980's the exterior painted brick of the original home was removed and replaced. The interior also received major renovations. In 1985 the name of the funeral home was shortened to Lux Funeral Home.


Charlie and Nancy continued caring for families until his death in 1998.

The photo on the left depicts how the funeral home appeared after Mr. Lux's death in 1998.


The Second Generation
After the death of Charles Sr., and after working alongside his father since 1987, Charles Jr. officially purchased the business from his mother in late December of 1998.

It was a smooth transtion of old traditions mixed with new ideas.


Some of the first decisions made by Charles, Jr. involved the addition of a brand new chapel, the conversion of the old chapels into new offices, handicap bathrooms, a lounge, and larger lobby area.

His deepest desire was to show to the community his commitment to do his best for the families of the area, and to provide them with warm, inviting, and comfortable surroundings.

  2006 - A New Location
In 2006, Charles Jr. and his wife, Minde, purchased six acres in Union Township, just west of Mt. Pleasant's city limits. The following year, plans were underway to build a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Construction began in the fall of 2007.


2008 - Renewed Focus On Family
In May of 2008, the new funeral home opened on Lincoln Rd.  The funeral home, now operated by a second generation of the Lux Family, continues its compassionate and caring service to the families of Isabella County.




2018 - Lincon Reception Center

The (attached) Lincoln Reception Center opened in early January 2018.  It has become a wonderful place to share a meal, following the service, without having to leave the funeral home property.  Its separate parking lot and separate entrance make for a nice place to hold other community events and celebrations as well.




2018 - Businesses Merge

On August 30, 2018, Charles R. Lux Family Funeral Home purchased Rowley Funeral Home, PC (formerly Stinson-Helms Funeral Home) which had been located in downtown Mt. Pleasant since 1909.  The two businesses merged and continue to operate from 2300 S. Lincoln Rd. now known as Charles R. Lux Family Funeral Home (Stinson-Helms & Rowley Chapels).



(Former Names)

  • G Jay Stinson Funeral Home
  • Stinson and Sons Funeral Home
  • Stinson Funeral Home
  • Stinson-Helms Funeral Home
  • Helms Funeral Home
  • Rowley Funeral Home


In 1909, G. Jay Stinson moved to Mt. Pleasant and opened a funeral home on Broadway Street above the White Star Bakery.  In the early 1900’s, funerals were held in the home and in the families church.  Funeral homes, as we know them today, did not exist in that time period.  He later moved into a building in the 100 block of South Normal Street.  Mr. Stinson operated the funeral home there for several years with his sons under the name Stinson and Sons Funeral Home, before building a new funeral home in 1940 at 330 South Normal Street, which was renamed College Street, and eventually University Avenue.  The building was dedicated in early 1941, and has been in continuous use as a funeral home since then.  In addition to operating the funeral home, an ambulance service was also operated from this same building.  Stinson Funeral Home was the last funeral home in the county to have an ambulance service, when it was discontinued in 1963.


Mr. Stinson passed away in 1952, and his son, Russell continued to operate the funeral home until his retirement in 1973, when long time employee Harry Helms and his wife Alice purchased the funeral home. Mr. Helms started working at the funeral home in the early 1940’s, working part time while attending Central Michigan College.  He served his country during World War II, and came back to Mt. Pleasant and returned to work at the Stinson Funeral Home.  After attending mortuary school at Wayne State University, he returned again to work at the funeral home.  He passed away in 1980, and his wife, Alice continued operation of the funeral home until her retirement in 2010, when she sold the funeral home to long time employee, Sherman Rowley and his wife Shirley. Sherm had been with the funeral home since moving to Mt. Pleasant in November 1979.


On August 30, 2018, Mr. Rowley sold Rowley Funeral Home, PC to Charles Lux.  On that date, the business transferred all operations to the Lincoln Rd. facility which was renamed Charles R. Lux Family Funeral Home (Stinson-Helms & Rowley Chapels).